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What Our Customers Say

Mr. Sangram
Jun 25, 2020

He is 39 years old and is suffering tinnitus since last one year. Due to tinnitus he was facing head heaviness, lack of concentration, listening problem, and irritation and sleep issues. After taking therapy for 4 months, he is not having any tinnitus sound anymore. His quality of life is 100% improved as his THI went down from 84 to 0.

Mrs. Shashi
Jun 25, 2020

1.      She is of 40 years and was suffering from tinnitus since last 1.5 years.  Due to tinnitus, she was facing hearing issues with sleep disturbance and head heaviness. After taking 6 months of treatment, she got 99% relief from her tinnitus sound. Her quality of life got completely improved with improvement in her hearing also.

Mr. Deepak
Jun 25, 2020

1.      He is of 27 years and is suffering from tinnitus since last 2 months. Due to tinnitus, he was suffering from depression with hearing issues, Hyperacusis and sleep disturbance. He was not able to concentrate on his studies also.  After taking 3 months of treatment, he got 99% relief from tinnitus from tinnitus sound. There was overall improvement in all his associated problems. Now he is not having any tinnitus sound with improvement in his hearing.

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