Apr 05, 2018
About Tinnitus Treatment.

Is tinnitus curable-

Tinnitus is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. Now a days tinnitus has become a very common problem. Tinnitus affects about 1 in 5 people. It is not a disease it is a symptom of a specific condition. It may or may not be age related due to hearing loss, due to stress or other reason.

Is tinnitus curable?


This is the first question, which comes in mind of every tinnitus sufferer. Is tinnitus curable?

Tinnitus sufferer always keep asking the same question that is tinnitus curable or not?

It is a symptom not a condition so the perception of tinnitus can be settled.

The perception of noise or ringing can be settled sometime by medications or sound therapy (neuromodulation therapy). This perception of continuous noise or ringing affects person's quality of life. Tinnitus sufferer faces difficulty in hearing or concentrating due to continuous perception of internal noise or ringing. They try to seek best option to cure tinnitus.

How to settle tinnitus- once patients is diagnosed with tinnitus than they seek treatment for it. They search how to settle tinnitus. They keep searching the best approach for treatment for tinnitus. Doctors suggests them to get done all diagnostic test.

Based on diagnostic reports,  Doctors suggests best approach for tinnitus treatment, medication, sound therapy are very helpful in settling the tinnitus. Tinnitus is not a big deal. It is simply settled by right approach. so curable word doesn’t stand for tinnitus. The word settling the ringing or noise is correct approach for tinnitus sufferer. There are some smart solutions are also available for instant relief from ringing or noise. These solutions are temporarily remedy and gives fast results. These solutions are known as sound therapy(neuromodulation therapy). By smart devices like tinnitus relief device provides instant relief to patient, gradually by using sound therapy the perception of tinnitus becomes permanently. We are not claiming that tinnitus will be cured. We are quoting that tinnitus perception and settlement will gardually done. The quality of life also day by day becomes better. so do not worry about tinnitus now days technology is so dominant that patients gets instant relief.


Is tinnitus and hearing loss are same?


Tinnitus and hearing loss has somewhere correlation. Tinnitus may be a symptom of hearing loss and necessary hearing loss is a condition. It is not that patients with tinnitus has hearing loss in his audiogram reports. Tinnitus may or may not be associated with hearing loss. The treatments of both hearing loss and tinnitus are separate. Hearing loss cannot be treated by sound therapy. Sound therapy is a treatment of tinnitus. Both things are different and treatment approach is also different. Somehow both hearing loss and tinnitus can be settled by best approach and doctor guidance.


Is hearing aid benefited for tinnitus-


Hearing aids are the amplification devices which are helpful in better hearing. Somewhere hearing aids  are little bit helpful in managing tinnitus. Patient with hearing loss with tinnitus can only wear the hearing aid. They are prescribed with hearing aid masker with hearing aid. That is somewhere helpful but not always for every users. They feel relief untill they wear hearing aid. As they put off the machine, they again starts getting the perception of ringing or noise. However, the person who is having normal hearing then hearing aid is not recommended, in such patients tinnitus treatment approach will be different. They may either go for medications or sound therapy devices. That is highly beneficial to the patients of  tinnitus. Always consult your doctor for right direction. Sometimes tinnitus with hearing or without hearing loss may interfere the listening ability. However not much but the sufferers feel that somewhere they miss some words due to continuous perception of internal sound. Patient needs Instant relief or relaxation from these unwanted sounds. Qualified doctors recommends the best approach of treatment like sound therapy. Some innovative solutions by entrepreneurs has come up with new innovative solutions of tinnitus. Which gives instant relief to patients of both haring loss and normal hearing. The innovation is invented based on patients problem.


How tinnitusrelief device gives instant relief-


As tinnitus is a big deal for patients and doctors both. Whenever we talk about the  best approach for tinnitus then the first thing comes in mind after medicine is sound therapy based on neuromodulation

principle. Tinnitus relief device is a match box size medical device which is based on neuromodulation. As tinnitus is results of abnormal hyperfiring of neurorons in auditory pathway. Different frequency neuronal firing need to be shuttle down. Thats tinnitus relief device does.so tinnitus frequency matching and therapy is done with device. This innovative equipment gives instant relief from the perception of tinnitus. This is an noninvasive solution of tinnitus, where device finds the abnormal neuronal frequency and provides instant reduction in hyperfunctioning of neurons responsible for tinnitus. Unlike maskers this invention has to use intermittantly twice a day for 45 minutes. Gradually tinnitus relief device gives long term relief. Relief starts seen within very first few day.

Now solution is also provided that patients doorstep. As their home is the best palace where they feel more perception or problem. So we the team of trained audiologist provides  treatment to patients at their doorstep. It is more convenient and easy to acceptable by patients and doctors. This solution is medically and acoustically validated and tested by team of experts.



Benifites of tinnitusrelief device-

Due to this continuous unwanted perception of ringing, whistling, or noise many of problems seems to

face like-

·         Trouble in sleeping

·         Impaired in listening

·         Unable to concentrate to work

·         Irritability

·         Head heaviness

·         lack of confidence

Continuous use of Tinnitus relief device is helpful to reduce the above symptoms within very first day of use. It improves daily lifestyle of sufferer. It is a device which can be use in an any situation anywhere and anytime.


Here is a patient video we are sharing who has following problem:-

Name- Sushma ( Changed Name)


Normal hearing audiogram

Tinnitus duration- last May 2017

Sound type-pressure cooker and insects buzzing both sound simultaneously

Quality of life affected, head ace ,  can’t concentrate to work, stress and depression started

Treatment taken- Medication, meditation, Ayurveda, homeopathic

TinnitusRelief device applied- September 2017

Treatment completed- January 2018

Current status-no sound perception and completely happy. Joined her work again

after a month please watch video feedback- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DZJRv7-6CE












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