Apr 13, 2018
Is Tinnitus Curable?

Is tinnitus curable?

Tinnitus is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. Now days, tinnitus becomes very common problem. It affects about 1 in 5 people. Tinnitus is not a disease. It is a symptom of any condition. It may be age related due to hearing loss, due to stress or other reason. Is tinnitus curable? This is the first question which comes in mind.

Tinnitus sufferers always keep asking the same question that is tinnitus curable or not?  Tinnitus is a symptom, not a condition. So, the perception of tinnitus can be settled. The perception of noise or ringing can be settled down by medications or sound therapy. This perception of continuous noise or ringing affects person's quality of life. Tinnitus sufferers face difficulty in hearing or concentrating due to continuous perception of internal noise or ringing. They try to seek best option to cure tinnitus.

How to settle tinnitus:

Once, patients are diagnosed with tinnitus than they seek treatment for it. They search how to settle tinnitus. They keep searching the best approach for treatment for tinnitus. Doctors suggest them to get done all diagnostic tests. Based on diagnostic reports, doctor suggests best approach for tinnitus treatment. Medication and Sound therapy are very helpful in settling the tinnitus. Tinnitus is not a big deal. It is simply settled by right approach. So, the word “curable” doesn’t stand for tinnitus. The word “settling the ringing or noise” is correct approach for tinnitus sufferer. There are some smart solutions are also available for instant relief from ringing or noise. These solutions are temporarily worn and give fast results. These solutions are known as sound therapy.

By smart device like TinnitusRelief device provides instant relief to patient. Gradually by using sound therapy the perception of tinnitus settles. We are not claiming that tinnitus will be cured. We are quoting that tinnitus perception and settlement can be done gradually. The quality of life also day by day becomes better. So, do not worry about tinnitus. Now days, technology is so dominant that patients gets instant relief.

Is tinnitus and hearing loss are same?

Tinnitus and hearing loss have somewhere correlation. Tinnitus may be a symptom of hearing loss. Hearing loss is a condition.  It is not necessary that patients with tinnitus have hearing loss. Tinnitus may or may not be associated with hearing loss. The treatment of both hearing loss and tinnitus are different. Hearing loss cannot be treated by sound therapy. Sound therapy is a treatment of tinnitus. Both things are different and treatment approach is also different. Anyhow both hearing loss and tinnitus can be settled by best approach and doctor guidance.

Is hearing aid beneficial for tinnitus?

Hearing aids are the amplification devices which are helpful in better hearing. Somewhere hearing aids are little bit helpful in managing tinnitus. Patient with hearing loss with tinnitus can only wear the hearing aid.

They are prescribed the hearing aid masker with hearing aid that is somewhere helpful but not 100%. They feel relief until they wore hearing aid. As they put off the device, they have again perception of ringing or noise. If person who is having normal hearing is not recommended to use hearing aid. In such patients, tinnitus treatment approach will be different. Either they may go for medications or sound therapy devices that is highly beneficial to the patients with tinnitus. Always consult your doctor for right direction.

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