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Benefits to Patients:

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TinnitusRelief is a portable, non-invasive, battery operated device it is used for matching and therapeutic treatment of Tinnitus. TinnitusRelief device works on the principle of Neuromodulation. It has Neuromodulation technology to the use of specialized sound to minimize the neural hyperactivity thought to be the underlying cause of tinnitus.

TR Neuromodulation offers sustained relief to you by making long lasting changes to the patterns of activity in your brain which produces the tinnitus.

Typically, patients experience changes to their tinnitus sound within a few weeks of starting therapy and as the therapy proceeds the distressing symptoms reduce, including the loudness and annoyance of the tinnitus.

The benefits last beyond the therapy period, with 9 out of 10 people getting significant relief from the worst of their symptoms.

Used by:

It can be used by Audiologist and Trained staff.

Overview of functionality:

Operates from internal rechargeable battery. Operator can diagnose or match the tinnitus sound by adjusting the frequency, intensity and customized sound. Frequency and intensity can be change with very small steps, which result better diagnose report. The output frequency and intensity is displayed on the LCD and both can be controlled by keypad. After matching, prescribed therapy has to taken by patient for 45 minute twice or thrice a day (depends upon the severity level).

Technical characteristics

Problems cover

• Tinnitus Matching
• Tinnitus Therapy Treatment
• Low frequency hearing level
• High Frequency hearing level


• Frequency output is 100 Hz to 16 Khz
• Intensity output can be changed 10 dB to 110 dB
• Step size of change in frequency is 0.5 khz
• Step size of change in Intensity is 5 dB.
• Rechargeable.
• Portable, Easy user interface.


ISO13485 , CE Certificates

What Our Customers Say

Mr. Deepak
Oct 04, 2018

I was having tinnitus since last two months. I was having lot of problem and was effecting my hearing also. I consulted lot of ENT doctors for it who gave me supplements to eat but there was no relief from tinnitus. Few of the doctors also told me that this tinnitus is permanent and cannot be treated. I searched online and came to know about your tinnitus treatment. Now it’s been 2 months since I have started your treatment and there is 99% relief in it. Now I am able to hear properly. My quality of life has been improved and can study well since I don’t feel any tinnitus now. I would like to recommend all other tinnitus patients to take this treatment for tinnitus.

Mrs. Shashi
Oct 04, 2018

I was suffering from tinnitus since last 2.5 years in both ears. It was sudden and was very irritating. I was not able to do my household work and could not concentrate on anything else. We consulted lot of doctors and went for MRI 2-3 times. Doctors used to prescribe us medicines with which there was no relief. Approx. more Rs50000 we have spent on it. One day my husband was passing by your clinic and came to know about the tinnitus therapy. It has been 4 months since I am using this device 4 times a day for 45 min initially now it is 3 times for 20 min. Sometimes I feel that there is no sound. I want to suggest all other patients to take this tinnitus treatment as it does not include tinnitus.

Mr. Mukul
Oct 04, 2018

I am student pursuing my graduation from Delhi and is suffering from tinnitus since last one month in both ear. Due to tinnitus there was pain in my ear and was not able to concentrate on my studies. I consulted many ENT doctors, they asked me to eat green vegetables. I went for ear wax removal also, took lot of medicines but there was no relief. I searched on net about tinnitus and came to know about your website. It’s been three months since I am taking this therapy. I am very happy and completely focus on my tasks and life. My tinnitus sound is very less and I wish and ask to all other tinnitus patients to take this therapy if you are suffering from tinnitus.

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FAQ of Tinnitus

Yes, tinnitus can be curable by TinnitusRelief Device. TinnitusRelief Device is based on the neuromodulation principle.

We are providing treatment into 3 steps (1) Assessment (2) Neuromodulation Therapy (3) Maintenance. In first step: Assessment, Drspectra do assessment of your tinnitus sound and calculate effected quality of life by standard tools. In second step: Neuromodulation Therapy, as per matching results, we provide therapy by tinnitusrelief device for 30 minutes and check results after therapy. There can be three kind of result which patient may feel after taking first therapy i.e. no sound, reduction in tinnitus sound or relaxation for few seconds or minutes. In third step (Maintenance), Patient need to take same Therapy 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes at home. Drspectra monitors the progress of treatment regular basis.

Duration of treatment is 3-6 month that depends on severity of tinnitus. As this is a procedure of neurons settlement. This neurological activity gradually occurs initial month is sufficient to see slight improvement is perception of sound. But next 2-3 months results gets better in term of reduction in intensity/loudness of tinnitus, it is perceived very slight after 2 month whole procedure is 3-6 month where you will feel that in silence too no sound is perceived.
-Duration of our treatment is 4-6 months. As this is procedure of neurons settlement, it takes one month for brain retraining in which you can get 20%-30% relief. Gradually it increases as treatment is taken for rest of the months.

No, Research shows that neuromodulation therapy is a non-invasive treatment. It is done with the help of your audiometry report.

As per research by top institution, the success rate is 90-95%.

Our device has been used by top government and private hospitals and institutions. Many ENT doctors know about this device. There are thousands of ENT doctors working in India there are chances that all of them are not aware about it.

No, this therapy has to be taken 2-3 times a day as prescribed by Drspectra for 30 min only. We regularly monitor via calls about patients tinnitus improvement. Based on feedback we reduce the time duration of therapy.

We have treated more than one thousand patients and increasing day by day. Initially device is been validated by more than five hundred patients.

Neuromodulation leading to reduced rate of spontaneous firing (In the healthy auditory system, there is structured tonotopic frequency maps from cochlea, through midbrain, to the auditory cortex. When a section of the cochlea gets damaged, the subcortical and cortical projections direct to this persistent lack of output (plasticity), and the tonotopicty gets altered. In the auditory cortex, the area that corresponds to cochlear damage is called as the lesion projection zone (LPZ). After cochlear damage, neurons in the LPZ exhibit an increase in rate of spontaneous firing. Accordingly, narrow band sounds are applied via Tinnitus Relief device. The result is the reduced tinnitus sensation and in the auditory cortex, this leads to reduced spontaneous firing rates.)The affected neurons frequency is calculated & itself generate sounds for making the normal firing of affected neurons.

Anything caused distorted sound travelling in auditory pathway may lead spontaneous neuronal firing, that generates sound, it is perceived by brain , called tinnitus.

It may be due to anykind of hearing loss, (conductive, mixed, sensory neural) oe excessive noise exposure , acoustic trauma, cervical irregular blood pressure , diabetes , TMJ. Etc. still causes are unknown.

Not as such precautions are recommended, but the considerable do’s & don’t are given with treatment.

Yes, medications, apps and hearing aid maskers which are based on therapy techniques like distraction, habituation and masking. But treatment results of these practices are not been seen and validated.

Tinnitus maskers are worn for the whole day. These maskers just suppress your internal tinnitus sound and when you will remove it, your sound will come back again. They do not cure tinnitus.

Whereas our treatment focus on the treatment of tinnitus as it has to be used 2-3 times a day for 30 min. only. We reduce the therapy duration according to the improvement in the tinnitus problem of the patient. It takes around 3-6 months for the complete treatment of tinnitus.

Sounds available in tinnitus apps are not clinically tested and validated. These sounds just distract your mind from tinnitus sound but will not be able to treat your tinnitus. Nature of the same sound varies in different phones.

Whereas our treatment is clinically tested and validated by top government institutions. Our treatment focus in reduction of your treatment sound and has to use only 2-3 times a day only for 30 min.


Apr 13, 2018
Tinnitus -Causes & Symptoms

Tinnitus – Causes & Symptoms


The symptoms of tinnitus are often described as ringing, buzzing or whistling sounds that are perceived within the ears or the head. However, it is not the ear that is responsible. Instead, the causes for the tinnitus can be found in the brain. The brain is made up from a huge number of active nerve areas which all have different roles. Sound information is processed via a very specific brain area known as the auditory cortex. The auditory cortex is divided up into areas that are responsible for processing different pitches in a similar way in which keys would be arranged on a piano. Anything which causes us to lose our hearing can have the effect of disrupting this internal keyboard. This could be caused by medication, loud noises or just the natural ageing processes. Due to this disruption, there is a reduction of activity in the keyboard areas affected by hearing loss and the nerves that make up the area can start to fire spontaneously. This is called neural synchronisation.  Or put it in another way, if the ear no longer talks to the auditory centre, then the nerve cells in the auditory centre begin to chatter in an overactive and unregulated way. It is this abnormal over activity which causes us to perceive the tinnitus signal. Over time this abnormal activity becomes permanent. This abnormal neural synchrony does not remain limited to the auditory centre. Brainwave measurements have shown that brain areas regulating attention, emotions and stress are also affected.

Principle of TinnitusRelief Device

“TR Neuromodulation”



Is there a way to reduce and reverse the neural synchrony which is related to tinnitus?

It is called TR Neuromodulation. Treatment with TR Neuromodulation targets the exact cause of the problem. This innovative treatment is designed to reduce hyperactivity in the specific regions of the brain that are responsible for generating the tinnitus sound. TR Neuromodulation uses a complex mathematical algorithm to create a personalized sound prescription for each patient. The series of tones created are transmitted to the nerve cells in the brain of the patient in such a way that the cells abnormal synchrony is disrupted and hyperactivity is reduced. In TR Neuromodulation the synchronous nerve cell network is first stimulated actively from the outside by single tones that are spatially and temporally staggered. These   force the nerve cells into subgroups, each with its own new rhythm. 4 tones are used to deliver this gentle targeted stimulation to the hearing centre of the brain. There are short pauses between the stimulation signals in order to remodel the nerve network. If repeated regularly and often enough, these stimulation signals will reduce the hyperactivity to such an extent that the abnormal neural synchrony will be permanently reversed. TR Neuromodulation tones consist of individually measured and specifically calculated acoustic impulses which are transformed in the brain into corresponding electrical stimuli. The acoustic tones are generated by a small matchbox size device  – TR device and administered to the tinnitus patient via a medical headphone.

Apr 13, 2018
Is Tinnitus Curable?

Is tinnitus curable?

Tinnitus is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. Now days, tinnitus becomes very common problem. It affects about 1 in 5 people. Tinnitus is not a disease. It is a symptom of any condition. It may be age related due to hearing loss, due to stress or other reason. Is tinnitus curable? This is the first question which comes in mind.

Tinnitus sufferers always keep asking the same question that is tinnitus curable or not?  Tinnitus is a symptom, not a condition. So, the perception of tinnitus can be settled. The perception of noise or ringing can be settled down by medications or sound therapy. This perception of continuous noise or ringing affects person's quality of life. Tinnitus sufferers face difficulty in hearing or concentrating due to continuous perception of internal noise or ringing. They try to seek best option to cure tinnitus.

How to settle tinnitus:

Once, patients are diagnosed with tinnitus than they seek treatment for it. They search how to settle tinnitus. They keep searching the best approach for treatment for tinnitus. Doctors suggest them to get done all diagnostic tests. Based on diagnostic reports, doctor suggests best approach for tinnitus treatment. Medication and Sound therapy are very helpful in settling the tinnitus. Tinnitus is not a big deal. It is simply settled by right approach. So, the word “curable” doesn’t stand for tinnitus. The word “settling the ringing or noise” is correct approach for tinnitus sufferer. There are some smart solutions are also available for instant relief from ringing or noise. These solutions are temporarily worn and give fast results. These solutions are known as sound therapy.

By smart device like TinnitusRelief device provides instant relief to patient. Gradually by using sound therapy the perception of tinnitus settles. We are not claiming that tinnitus will be cured. We are quoting that tinnitus perception and settlement can be done gradually. The quality of life also day by day becomes better. So, do not worry about tinnitus. Now days, technology is so dominant that patients gets instant relief.

Is tinnitus and hearing loss are same?

Tinnitus and hearing loss have somewhere correlation. Tinnitus may be a symptom of hearing loss. Hearing loss is a condition.  It is not necessary that patients with tinnitus have hearing loss. Tinnitus may or may not be associated with hearing loss. The treatment of both hearing loss and tinnitus are different. Hearing loss cannot be treated by sound therapy. Sound therapy is a treatment of tinnitus. Both things are different and treatment approach is also different. Anyhow both hearing loss and tinnitus can be settled by best approach and doctor guidance.

Is hearing aid beneficial for tinnitus?

Hearing aids are the amplification devices which are helpful in better hearing. Somewhere hearing aids are little bit helpful in managing tinnitus. Patient with hearing loss with tinnitus can only wear the hearing aid.

They are prescribed the hearing aid masker with hearing aid that is somewhere helpful but not 100%. They feel relief until they wore hearing aid. As they put off the device, they have again perception of ringing or noise. If person who is having normal hearing is not recommended to use hearing aid. In such patients, tinnitus treatment approach will be different. Either they may go for medications or sound therapy devices that is highly beneficial to the patients with tinnitus. Always consult your doctor for right direction.

Apr 11, 2018
TinnitusReliefTM – Brain Retrainer

TinnitusReliefTM – Brain Retrainer

Where there is no tinnitus cure. Innoflaps provides India’s first, the closet thing to tinnitus miracle.

TinnitusRelief – Brain Retrainer is developed with the intention of simultaneously addressing the auditory, attentional, and emotional processes underlying the condition. It involves use of a medical device for daily, at home administration of an acoustic treatment, together with a comprehensive education, counseling, and support program.The team of professionals has developed non-invasive therapeutic device for Tinnitus.The solution is provided as portable device with full therapeutic material.

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