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Now, Tinnitus can be cured with advance neruomodulation technology

In 10 days using Tinnitusrelief Device, 36% person has no tinnitus and 64% person has reduce in Tinnitus

Effectiveness of TinnitusRelief Device in Multiple hospitals:

TinnitusRelief device is an innovative solution for person with tinnitus problem. It is useful for both tinnitus with normal hearing and with hearing loss.
A one month study has been taken for seen the effectiveness in patient with tinnitus. Around 80 patients taken for study where patients are categorized by Age, Gender, Severity on THI, Tinnitus Matching Frequency ,Tinnitus Therapy Pattern(TRT) and Results in terms of decreased intensity and no perception of tinnitus after 45 minutes of use of device.

Below are the results presented graphically

Principle of TnnnitusRelief Device :

Tinnitus relief is a handy, noninvasive device developed to provide liberation from tinnitus. It has the diagnostic characteristic of recognition of tinnitus type in terms of frequency and intensity (if tinnitus persists in form of tone) and also has 22 custom made patterns ( if it persists in terms of noise) in frequency range of 100 Hz - 16KHz . The principle of the device intend with that of TRT (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy) and Neuromodulation. Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) is based on non-psychiatric tinnitus precise enlightening counseling and sound therapy in a habituation-based practice whereas neuromodulation leading to reduced rate of spontaneous firing (In the healthy auditory system, there is structured tonotopic frequency maps from cochlea, through midbrain, to the auditory cortex. When a section of the cochlea gets damaged, the subcortical and cortical projections direct to this persistent lack of output (plasticity), and the tonotopicty gets altered. In the auditory cortex, the area that corresponds to cochlear damage is called as the lesion projection zone (LPZ). After cochlear damage, neurons in the LPZ exhibit an increase in rate of spontaneous firing. Accordingly, narrow band sounds are applied via Tinnitus Relief device. The result is the reduced tinnitus sensation and in the auditory cortex, this leads to reduced spontaneous firing rates.)

Full study link: Publication -

Tinnitus relief Device in Treatment of Bothersome Tinnitus: Preliminary Experience in Private Setting
Sachin Goel* and Soniya Gupta

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