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Benefits to Patients:


Speakfluent® is designed with the embedded notions of nurturing a leader in user. It is a compact and handy device which would ease out user speaking complications. Speakfluent® is especially built for catering to a range of speech deficiency. It metamorphoses user speaking style, revamp your attitude and transform user personality into what you always wanted to be. Speakfluent® is fluency device using advanced digital sound processing technology based on Sound-X-Engine. The advance Sound-X-Engine technology differentiates it from mobile based App.

Speakfluent® is a non-invasive, portable battery operated device for therapeutic treatment for Stammering, unclear Speech and language, Fast rate of speech, Low loudness, and speech & language disfluency
Clinical purpose

Designed to continuously measure and display speech parameters of children, teenage. It also control and give biofeedback of Speech. It works on the auditory processing area of the brain. It helps in rejuvenating muscles and motor neurons of the brain which improves language processing. It works on the delay auditory feedback system. It imparts the reflection of speech in terms of rate of speech, loudness and pitch which are the essential attributes of enhanced confidence and fluency of speech.

Used by

Device can be used by Special Educator , Therapist , individual at classroom , clinic and home.

Overview of Device functionality

Operates from internal rechargeable battery. Operator can set delay time for auditory feedback and also set high levels of speaking rate parameter independently. It allows display of Live speaking Rate, loudness level, live pitch of user. It also displays remaining battery status. To simulate of group discussion condition, operator can set different level of white noise mix with speech. Operator can set masking level with white noise for increase loudness level of user.

Technical characteristics

Problems cover

• Unclear Speech and language
• Fast rate of speech
• Low loudness
• Stammering
• speech and language disfluency


• Delay Auditory feedback with Speaking Rate Algorithm
• Speaking rate algorithm, Pitch calculator
• Live biofeedback of speech parameter
• Rate of speech
• Loudness
• Pitch
• Visual indication.
• Inbuilt white noise with speech (S/N ratio ↑↓)
• Rechargeable with 3 days battery backup.
• Portable, Easy user interface.


ISO13485 , CE Certificates

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Drspectra provides advanced technology based treatment for stammering problem. Where detailed evaluation of stammering is done by using advanced device and standard performa. After that he/she is suggested the best solution Speakfluent device under guidance of professional for improving speaking skills of person with stammering problem. Treatment is given with complete services along with Speakfluent device. The team of professionals works for rapid improvement in speaking fluency of person with stammering. Regular monitoring progress of fluency and setting goals and task are highly helpful in fast fluency development in short duration.

Yes, stammering can be manageable with regular use of anti-stammering device. Sucess rate is 90-95%. Speakfluent device is combined with auditory and visual feedback that directly works on auditory processing area of brain that result in fast improvement in fluency and reduction in stammering rapidly. Treatment is given with complete services along with speakfluent device .the team of professional works of rapid improvement in speaking fluency of person with stammering. Regular monitoring progress of fluency and setting gaols and task are highly helpful in fast fluency development in short duration.

Generally within 1st month, fluency can be achieved upto 50% .Total duration of treatment is 3-4 months.

Speakfluent is an innovative handy advanced technology based Anti -stammering device that works on auditory processing area of brain to improve stammering. For more details please visit speakfluent page in products.

There is no chance of reoccurrence of stammering after treatment.

No , there is no side effect of this treatment .

No, you need to do 30 minute practice in a day.

500+ people have been treated till now

No, you need to visit first time for assessment and training. After this, we give device for home. You need to do practice at home for 30 minute a day. We do follow-up via phone or video call.


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