Research study results of Speechifi Device

Now develop child speech and language at home with advanced technology

In two month, child expressive and receptive language skills developed 42% in research study

Speechifi enhances child’s receptive & expressive skills with following benefits:

• Speechifi device works as a digital speech & language developmental trainer.
• Emphasis on listening attention skill.
• Avoid lip reading.
• Combination of auditory & verbal stimulation simultaneously.
• Step wise development of speech & language vowels, words, sentences, initiations, conversation, storytelling.
Speechifi is a complete solution for speedily development of your child’s speech & language at home. Speechifi device provides full solution and gives systematic effective speech & language training to child for development of words, sentences, conversation, storytelling & narration without doing any lip reading. Child maximally uses listening skills.

Full study link: Publication -

Language in India ISSN 1930-2940 Vol. 16:8 August 2016
Impact of Speechifi Device on communication Skills of Children with delayed Speech and language

Audio Visual Tactile Modality

How speechifi Device work?

Speechifi is an assistive communication devices that assist and prepare parents, educators and therapists to perform effective speech therapy. The working of speechifi hinges upon the three-modality principle, namely, auditory, visual and tactile principle. Speechifi store and deliver high quality sound with full acoustic energy which enables a person to listen properly and differentiate between two distinct sounds. The functionality of light system enhances attention and eye-contact. The device operates to use original voice in speech stimulation, which in turn works towards speedier recovery.

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