Soniya Gupta

Clinical Director

Dr. Soniya Gupta, BASLP is a leader in the field of tinnitus treatment and research. Dr. Soniya Gupta has dedicated her nearly 12-year career in audiology to assessing and treating adults and children with hearing needs. Dr. Soniya Gupta specializes and is an expert in treating people living with tinnitus. For the past 7 years, Dr. Soniya gupta has been the lead audiologist and clinical researcher with Tinnitusrelief device, treating more than 4000 patients at clinics. She is the innovator of Tinnitusrelief device She was instrumental in securing CE mark certification for tinnitus treatment system. She is a part of the research program which was conducted with reputated doctors and top institutions. Prior to joining Drspectra, Dr. Soniya Gupta established and was Chief Audiologist in a successful audiology clinic, and spent nearly 5 years working as an audiologist. She has published more than 5 research papers for innovation. She cured more than 1000 patients with speech, language & tinnitus problems. She has worked with Starkey MNC, Delhi ENT Hospital , Forties Hospital as a Audiologist and Speech Therapist.

Prashant Goyal

Device Innovator

Mr. Prashant Goyal, B-Tech (Electronics), is an experienced clinical associate with a passion for working with people living with tinnitus and speech problems. Prior to this he worked at worked at Samsung, ST microelectronics ,Freescale and Stryker as product developer of medical devices, semiconductors and consumer electronics with the experience of 10 years. Throughout the Five years Mr. Prashant has been a clinical research associate working with tinnitusrelief device. He is the Innovator and Co-founder of Drspectra wellness Pvt ltd and Drspectra. He designed and developed 12 new products in his experience . He has experience of sale and marketing , project management, Customer relationship. He has done 10 days boot camp in Goa for entrepreneurship by Stanford university with 50 other entrepreneur . Prashant and Soniya have 2 weeks entrepreneurship boot camp in IIM-Ahmadabad in Power of Idea-2015 with other 75 team.

Priyanka Arora


Online Tinnitus Assessment and Treatment

Saima Sheikh


Online Tinnitus Assessment and Treatment

Jyoti Tripathi

Clinical Follow Ups Expert


Clinical Follow Ups Expert

Mahima Arrora

Tinnitus treatment handling expert and speech therapist.

She has practiced for 1 year under the super vison of Dr. Soniya gupta ( Chief audiologist Drspectra) for handling the “ follow up s of the Tinnitus suffering patients”. Now she hold an experience of handling more than 1000 patients.


Deepak Rathore

Device Manufacturing & assembly .

Rinku kumar

Clinical coordinator and operations.

Mr. Rinku is specialized in handling patient follow up’s. He has an experience of 1 year of handling the patients follow up for tinnitus under the supervision of Dr. Soniya Gupta ( Chief Audiologist Drspectra)

Mahesh Kashyap



Device quality analyst

Bittu looks after device quality management


Device assembly management

Device assembly manager in Drspectra

Dr Kavitha G S,

Bangalore Tinnitus Clinic

Tinnitus Expert, Master in Audiology

Dr Tanudeepa

Mumbai Tinnitus Clinic

Tinnitus Expert, BASLP

Pill Yanam

Delhi Tinnitus Clinic

Tinnitus Expert, BASLP

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